How much does it cost to hire a freelance SEO Expert / Consultant / Specialist?

In today’s world, it is important for any business to get seen by more people by attracting huge traffic on their websites. It helps them to increase sales of apps, products, ideas and services manyfold. Thus hiring dedicated SEO professionals can be a very crucial part in getting success. The overall cost of the project can be affected by several factors and thus these SEO professionals can help you take this burden off your head. Thus we are here to help you understand the budgeting process of optimization project.

Hire a freelance SEO expert

Depending on the kind of project, a freelance SEO specialist may charge according to month, week or even an hour. The average project duration is usually 1 to 3 month, however, it might take up to a year to complete full optimization. For this, you might need to have a larger professional team.

A sample that estimates rates charged by intermediate-level SEO specialists in the US:

Type of project Average Price Range (Per Hour)
Keyword Analysis / Research $34 – $96
Optimizations (On-page) $59 – $131
Building Links $49 – $176
Designing UX $49 – $126
Website Development $74 – $186
SEO audits (On-page) $44 – $151
Content Management $54 – $151

Factors affecting SEO rates

The overall quality of the page: There are various factors that affect the overall quality of any website or blog like the layout of the page, navigation, multimedia and most importantly content. The current state of your website may require addressing some or all of these factors. In this case, having a freelance SEO Consultant would ask you to take the help of a user experience designer.

Market competitors: Depending on the type of industry, your website might have a large direct or indirect competition. In this case, if you want to show up over the top results then you need to hire a freelance SEO expert.

Backlink of Profile: Backlinks are one of the major traffic generators for your website. You need to have good SEO optimization. Building backlinks can be costly sometimes but it can be done over a period of time in smaller budgets.

Initial Auditing for SEO: The different aspects that are required in order to optimize your website completely are audited by Freelance SEO Specialist and they do it before placing their bids for your project. It makes things much easier as far as long term goals are concerned.

Other factors: A team of dedicated freelance professionals can work on other aspects of your website to make it fully optimized. These include errors from the database, web hosting problems and violations of policies of the search engines.


It is not hidden from the industry that building an SEO optimized website helps in boosting traffic and thereby sales of the businesses. So, if you are running a business then you need to hire SEO experts that can make your website hit charts on search engines. These dedicated SEO professionals can help you attain your goal in longer periods. We hope that our efforts have somehow helped you out to achieve your goals.